About the Corporati

Corporati is the contribution of the Corporate practice at Edelman’s Seoul office to expanding the scale and scope of the global conversation. This is a team blog, incorporating thoughts and reflections from all the members of the team, senior and junior, on corporate communications especially in Korea. Mostly text blogging and updated at least once a week (maybe more – we’ll see how it goes), we might even play with video blogs. Hey, we’re not the Tech Practice!


6 Responses to About the Corporati

  1. Hoh Kim says:

    Hi, Steve and the team. Congrats. Happy to see this development. I am sure you guys can share great insights from your great experiences.

  2. kkonal says:

    “Corporati” is a fatastic title, very desirable one. 🙂

  3. Steve Bowen says:

    Thanks. We liked it!

  4. Hi I like your site. Have you had much success in gaining insight into social attitudes? I am doing research on social attitudes towards korean unification at koreanunification.net The aim is to create debate, and solicit thoughts on the tpoics, much the same as your website.

  5. Keith Morrison says:

    Hi KoreaUnifiaction,

    In terms of social insights, we’re really interested in three things in relation to how society impacts on business, so we can counsel:
    Korean companies doing business in Korea;
    Multinational companies doing business in Korea;
    And Korean companies doing business outside of Korea.
    Most of these social insights are accumlated through our exposure to views from other media sources, through the people we met and work for, and the process of working for them. We’re slowly getting more interaction on the site through our posts, and like yourself are always looking for more comments.

    Thanks for your endorsement. I’ll be popping into your once and a while too. It’s an intersting topic to explore.


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