A Creative Christmas Idea

Since when did I care about Sweco?  And what does it have to do with Kyrgyzstan and Santa Claus?

This an example of a company using its intellectual property in a way to communciate its expertise in a fun, creative and original way.  What tickled me today and got me to post is that this idea has even influenced the Krygyzstan government to leverage it as a tourist attraction. 

When does a good idea turn into not a good idea?

P.S. I feel I have to confess that in my early days in PR I issued an ‘upside-down’ pint of Guinness for April Fools Day in the UK.  Bad creative idea.  Needless to say, it bombed and never appeared anywhere, although I did use the call around to ask journalists out for a pint and catch-up.   For ever Sweco, there’s lots and lots of rubbish!


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