The Communications Creativity Underground

Sometimes a little creativity can make a big impact when communicating.  I came across this latest Nike initiative through a colleague’s blog today.  This is a solid, well-thought through idea that links back to brand values (I’m sure it’s also gone through the legal department at Nike also; I’d be nervous if it was in a highly litigious market like Korea or Ireland).

However, it was good reminder about how risk-based and creative communications activities can reap huge return for companies.  Considering that most Korean companies are risk adverse, I wouldn’t be surprised if a multinational operating in Korea does something similar first. 

Also, if anyone is brave enough, I’ve been dying to implement an underground campaign based on virtual graffiti but have yet to get it over the line in Europe or Korea to date.  Any takers?  Surely ‘ubiquitous’ Korea’s the place to do it.  Or maybe it already has, and I’m sadly no longer with it!!!


4 Responses to The Communications Creativity Underground

  1. Kim Jong-il killing with coal

    The environment is threatened as nations and oil companies jockey for North Korean coal. Kim Jong-il is opening up his dictatorship to oil exploitation. Now that the Korean summit with the South has been postponed until October, environmental groups have a chance to get their act together and demand oversight of the dictatorship’s fossil fuel production. We cannot leave it to Team America to save the Amur leopard, the Asiatic black bear and the Siberian tiger.

  2. Keith Morrison says:

    Hello Green Element,
    Your comment is not relevant to the post or to the content of this blog. We are a-political.
    Thank you for reading, however.

  3. Mark Juhn says:

    I was here Keith ….. Sometimes a little creativity can make a big impact when communicating. It rrrrrrings.

  4. Keith Morrison says:

    Thanks Mark…you’re right. It pays to get creativity right.

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