Second Life

It’s hard to get the time to write and maintain a blog.  But I find myself slipping away from the offline, real world and digging into some posts and feeds (or posting myself) as the day wears on.  It helps my mind re-wander back to work.  It’s my form of ‘cigarette break’ but I’m thankfully not addicted.

But then when you try the harder stuff…you just never know.

I just joined…and I got as far as my account summary.  I’m sure I’ll dig in later when I can motivate myself long enough as my curiosity had been piqued by good posts like this and I’ve been curious to explore it a little myself from a communications point of view.   

This I’ve done little of since joining the lazy-approach to online social networking!  All in the name of curiosity and research…


2 Responses to Second Life

  1. Barry Malone says:


    I joined this yonks ago and was too lazy to do anything but make myself a lot better looking than I am in real life and put on a few snappy threads. Then I was rejected by a few women. Second life, imitating first.

    Anyway, had I had the nouse of the below woman, maybe joining in the early days would have achieved more than crashing the computer I was using back then.

    See some companies from home have opened there, too:

    Enjoying the blog, mate. Sort of…

  2. Keith Morrison says:

    Thanks Barry for the links. I mus have missed your comment when I went on holidays.

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