How to ruin a reputation

I’ve always been a big fan of Charlton Atheltic F.C.  Like Koreans, a few Irish footballers get to star in the Premiership and Irish people, like Koreans, will generally root for the clubs they play for.  Charlton always had Matt Holland (and that goal in Japan) and the club had taken great pride in being the ‘family club.’   My impression was that a lot of sports club say it, but Charlton Atheltic actually did it.  In short, I liked Charlton Atheltic.

Then I read this.  This is a prime example of how not to handle stakeholder relations.  It looks like they’re scrambling around to save face and get a sponsor on board, but I think if they understood the importance of the female set-up they’d have been scrambling around before.  Maybe they were, but they did not communicate the closure of the operations to the female players in the best manner, according to Danielle Murphy’s account.

It’s a great example of how a strong reputation built over a long time can come crashing down overnight.


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