Required Reading for Frustrated Clients and Consultants Alike!

This is a great article I read this morning about the relationship between companies and their PR consultants.  The themes are universal, and in varying degrees and frequency, come up between the ‘clients’ and ‘PR consultants’ all the time. 

There’s some good points on:

  • How clients and consultants should come up with story angles that show conflict (leading to success) as this simply makes a good read;
  • And how developing the right kinds of stories makes for a happy journalist;
  • How not 100% of articles will be positive but engaging with the media increases the company’s credibility and builds trust;
  • A great case study on turning a negative into a credible positive (good to hear it from the person who actually implemented this initiative this time round, as I have seen this story posted on time and time again…personally I’d like to hear more examples of this kind of approach to crisises);
  • And the importance of team work and giving credit, when credit is due (I think this work two ways too.  When clients try something brave that doesn’t quite work or works very well, they should be commended by the consutlancy too).

There’s some great lessons in there.


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