Defining Korea through others

Just came across this Joongang Ilbo’s editorial.  Although I disagree with the blind patriotism of Irish people remark – I think we have come a long way from that – it’s a comparison I’ve seen drawn before (or being told before by Koreans I meet!). 

However, with all the other comparisons to how Korea resembles many other nations around the world, I couldn’t help wondering why Korea always seems to do this?  It’s something I’ve noticed time and time again, and it’s something I see applied in businesses as well: looking to others for inspiration when what they have themselves is quite inspiring…!

I know for sure people in Ireland don’t sit around defining themselves through others.  It’s much easier a nation or a business to define itself through contrasts and similarities.   It’s a lot harder to stand up and say why you’re different.

Just a bugbear…

Or is the article a brilliant work of art pointing to how Ireland “shattered the framework of self-confiing perceptions!”


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