Giving PR a Superfluous Name

I hate hype.  To some people with a cursory knowledge of PR, this could be seen as an oxymoron: a PR person who hates hype…  This post, however, from a fellow Irishman, made me laugh this morning.

As Steve’s last post points out, we’re in the business of communicaiton: knowing the audience; where, how and what is the most appropriate way to communicate with them; and factor in what you want to achieve. 

Since I started working as a consultant, I’ve also kept this paradox in mind: to make things simple is the hardest thing to do.  This is what clients and C-Suite executives need.  They need clarity and direction, not bullshit.

Yep, it’s important to evolve what we do and increase our relevance and, yep, the context is probably academic, but still jargon like PR 3.0 does annoy me.  It’s important to avoid overdoing it sometimes and as result undermine our profession with ‘sound bites’ and ‘gobbledygook 5.0’.


One Response to Giving PR a Superfluous Name

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