NGO Partnerships

I just got pictures posted on a shared site of the St. Patrick’s festival I helped organize here in my spare time.  What’s more we also got through the official head count from the parade itself.

Three things I wanted to post on:

  1. No matter what you do when it comes to communications or brand building, you have got to have a measurement system in place.  We had over 5,000 people who collected ‘game tickets’ at the entrance to Marronier Park, where the Irish Festival was taking part.  This means MORE than 5,000 people came through; it was so cluttered with people, I know a lot just by-passed the formalities (and game tickets) so they could watch the music and sample the Irish liquid delights on offer!  We had expected a couple of thousand.  This figure gives us a great deal of negotiating power next year.
  2. Not only was this a massive success for us, our sponsors Diageo (Guinness) got more than a bang for their buck and got to tie in with a credible non-for-profit organization.  According to Edelman’s Asia Pacific Stakeholder Study 2006, opinion leaders in Korea trust NGOs (30 per cent) over other groups studied: Government (19); Business (16); and Media (15).  Even though we are not a UNICEF, Diageo could not have organized such a credible event without our organization and have benefited from the tie-up with an non-commerical entity, particularly in the Korean market.
  3. Diageo leveraged the sponsorship more than ever this year: we worked with them and gave them the opportunity to do so and they delivered at their end by attracting more interest.  The result was the best ever St. Patrick’s festival in Korea for both the Irish Association and Diageo.

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