White of the eyes

I’ve just had an exhausting couple of weeks – both in terms of work and extracurricular activities.  It’s taken a lot of time investment and more than what I’ve been accustomed to in the recent past, a lot more face-to-face time with stakeholders – “white of the eyes” (although probably red for me) meetings as my old mentor once used to tell me.

For work, our team organized a 3 day Forum for the communications team of a very exciting Korean client who on the verge of making real noise internationally and who are getting all the international communications systems up and running.  And personally, being Irish, I organized St. Patrick’s Day celebrations here in Seoul.

Both events were huge successes and underlines to me the power of direct, one-to-one communications.  So much context is lost on email and the telephone, and the more time clients get to speak one-on-one with stakeholders, the more successful their communications efforts will be. 

It’s too easy to hide behind email.  Pick up the phone or meet for a coffee.  Invest the time and you’ll get the results twofold.  It’s something we all forget from time to time.


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