Carrots and Sticks

There’s an old English middle ages proverb, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

Ultimately, that’s what we do as communications consultants.  Where our challenge often lies is in choosing the right carrots or the right sticks to lead the horse to the water, or so to speak, to the edge of the blue ocean

Often I find with Korean organizations, as opposed to Western organizations, that signposting what competitors are doing, and the opportunity loss of not pursuing a certain strategy, is a more effective way of convincing upper management to finally change their communications behaviour.  Sometimes, presenting all the benefits without a stick won’t get your horse drinking.

It’s always about striking the right balance but I think in this market the stick is often mightier than the carrot.  I’d love to head what other people think.


2 Responses to Carrots and Sticks

  1. Mark Juhn says:

    I agree, Quite often stick is mightier and work quicker than the carrot.

  2. Keith Morrison says:

    Good to hear the endorsement/insight from a Korean businessman of your standing and experience.

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