Living in Color?

Attending a client media event yesterday I was reminded of how important it is that an organization’s brand identity – and particularly its visual elements – are consistently and prominently featured at every touch-point.

Press conference settings (at least in Korea) can often be generic, with little to differentiate one from another save for the logo on the podium and maybe a few strategically located banners. When the venue features the corporate color scheme in every aspect of its décor, though, the impact of the event is significantly enhanced.

The psychology of color is complex, and I don’t claim any expertise in this area. However, simple common sense should indicate that when people are brought into an environment in which they are literally immersed in the colors of the brand – particularly when those colors are strong and vibrant – it adds an important element to the brand experience.

Given how much effort goes into defining and protecting corporate identities and in particular the colors that they incorporate, it sometimes seems that to restrict their use to corporate letterheads and business cards is something of a waste. Why not use corporate colors to enhance the workspace, to decorate public areas, cubicles or employee rest areas? What about selecting colors designed to influence moods? Many hospitals have been doing this for a long time, especially in respect of waiting rooms for anxious families. Why not decorate meeting rooms in a color scheme conducive to relaxing clients? But for most corporations the “corporate identity” is little more apparent than the label on a pair of designer jeans – it’s there if you where to look for it but they’re all the same from the other side of the street.

I kicked off the day yesterday surrounded by bright primary colors and I came out of the event feeling considerably livelier than I usually do after an early start. It might have been due to the color scheme, it might have been something else. But it certainly made a change from the usual.


2 Responses to Living in Color?

  1. junycap says:

    Congratulations Corporati blog open and thank you for leading that media event!

  2. cybercul says:

    Yeah! Living in Color! This is what truly signifies Edelman from others I suppose.

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